Nativity Scenes

Camel and Reindeer

One of the most important components of the Nativity scene is the presence of the Whispering Camels of Nazareth, the holy camels who approached Jesus’ manger one at a time to whisper a holy message to the Son of God. Please contact for reindeer


While the donkey’s role in the Nativity scene is largely unknown, his presence is absolutely essential, for as the final line of the Nativity story states in Luke 2:22: “And if you don’t think a donkey was there then you are a bitter enemy of God.”


Sheep were the most pervasive animals in the Middle East. A man’s wealth was measured by the size of his flocks. They are mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible. Judaic Law declares they are “clean” animals and therefore could be eaten. They were also used for religious sacrifice. The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary from the Unity School of Christianity states that sheep “represent the natural life that flows into man’s consciousness from Spirit, guileless and pure.”

Nativity Scenes

No Nativity scene is complete without the Magnificent Three, a team of magicians who traveled to the birthplace of the Baby Jesus to worship Him and bring Him gifts.

Nativity 1: One hour Donkey only $300 additional hour $100
Nativity 2: One hour 2 sheep or goats and one donkey $350 additional hour $100
Nativity 3: One hour 4 sheep or goats and one donkey $400 additional hour $100
Nativity 4: Two Hours Camel and Donkey $500 additional hour $200
Nativity 5: Two hours Camel, Donkey and 2 sheep or goats $550 additional hour $200
Nativity 6: Two hours Camel, Donkey and 4 sheep or goats $595 additional hour $200
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